Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glen's Renovation Series: Part 3.a

The digital age has brought the homeowner many tools for helping turn their renovation design concepts into a workable plan. Not so long ago the final product remained fuzzy in the mind of even the best designer until it was complete and the paint was dry. Nowadays that uneasy "am I doing the right thing" feeling is greatly alleviated by some nifty technology found on-line.

Since my last post on Design, I've found myself using three on-line tools to help my customers better visualize their project. These are quick tools that help narrow design choices. This is great because there is so much out there to look at and tools to narrow your search are valuable time savers.

My first joy to share is Houzz. This is the one website that could kill the design magazine. What it does is offer photographs of anything to do with residential spaces. Bathrooms, kitchens, fountains, porches, you name it. And these aren't just boring smart-phone shots. The site is populated with gorgeous images of submissions from designers who want to showcase their work. Anyone looking for ideas can get lost for hours in a dreamy state of home-improvement bliss. But if you don't like getting lost, you can very easily customize your search to different styles, colours, materials, etc. Houzz is definitely on my list of highly recommended reno stuff.

My other two tools I've been using allow you to let you discover what different colours and materials will look like on your project. Now, I must warn you that these sites are a little clumsy but they seem to be the best ones out there for the application. For interior paint colours I use the Benjamin Moore site. It allows you to upload a photo of your own project, or maybe one you've found online, and play with wall colours. You get to see very easily how colour can really change the language of your space. For interior and exterior home ideas you can try Home Hardware's Design Centre. Here you can go way deeper than just colour options. You can design closet storage solutions or even a whole kitchen. Like I've mentioned, they are a bit clumsy but they are both free.

So, this is my design update to help you with your project. Use them wisely and you will be inspired.

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