Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey Folks,

As the description hints at, I do hope to pass on to you some things that interest me. I'm fortunate to have found joy in the things that I spend the most time doing. My livelihood and other distractions keep me pretty busy. Namely: my construction company, a park that I'm helping to create in my neighbourhood and my semi-active music performance habit. Rather than maintain separate spaces for all of those, I'm just sticking it all in here.

In order of appearance, Echelon Home Improvement and Repair is a construction company that I began upon my departure from my long-time employer, Imperial Theatre. It was a new path that I had pontificated for some time, so once I finished up a major construction project at the theatre the time was right to start Echelon. We do general home improvements and repair with an eye for exceptional quality. It was a fantastic decision and I hope to pass on some tips to those who may be interested in a project around their home or just general how-to points.

Secondly, I'm the President of the Little River Reservoir Association. Several years ago, just around the time I moved to the neighbourhood, there was a glaring item missing from the community. A park. For those familiar with East Saint John, the "Rez" as its know in these parts, is the obvious locale for such an amenity. With the help of the community, the park is just about done. Its one of my rare points of pride to have been the one crazy enough to propose the idea and to have it actually get done. You can read way more about the Rez here.

Finally, I'm also a sometimes musician. I recorded a CD a few years back and was just on the cusp of organizing a tour when a little bundle of joy by the name of Reilly arrived. Being a new dad and a touring musician just starting out didn't seem like the right thing to do so that part of my life got iced. As of right now I'm starting a new project that you'll hear more about as time progresses.

Other stuff will creep in too. I often get riled up over politics and I occasionally like to prattle on about our changing world and our profound connectedness to each other.

I know you'll find some interesting stuff in here every once in a while so follow me and please comment often.


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